The day you say I do, is the first day of an incredible journey with your spouse. I vow to keep your day running smooth and worry free. This day is about relishing in the moments and holding onto memories made that day.


Wedding Management

Wedding Runner is a wedding management business that will support, execute and organize your wedding planning needs. 

The central coast wedding community is one of the best to be a part of as we are a big family that love what we do. I am here to connect you to the perfect vendors that meets your preferences and what you want your focus to be for you wedding day. 

Peak into the Details 
  • Inquire Vendor Quotes for Clients

    • Keeping up with communication with clients and Vendors

  • Budget Guidance

    • Show how to allocate you budget accordingly on what's important to them.

  • Monthly Task Lists

  • 24/7 Communication with me via phone/text/email/zoom. I am here to help you with any questions or worries.

  • Confirm final details with vendors prior to wedding day. 

  • Timeline

  • 10-12 hr. day of wedding day coordination


Serving  San Luis Obispo County
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